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Wall Mount Displays

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    Otter Box Splash

    Lifeproof's Splash consumer display targets the active lifestyle community of Otter Box customers. Rolled out to 1500 Targets, The Lifeproof Splash is an acrylic dye cut pocket holding an IPad with a background graphic that mimics a splash with waves in an ocean.

    Wall Mount Display
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    Otter Box asked AMD to design a modular display for their number one selling smartphone and tablet cases. Inline with securing product, it was crucial to understand the consumer experience and their interactions with the product when designing the Otter Box display.

    Inline / Consumer Electronics
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    This Grocery Display is an in-line category management system for Brach candies that organizes a full range of candies for custom assortments.

    Endcap Grocery Display
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    Reliant Energy

    Reliant Energy was looking to increase it’s product offering in stores. The decision to start offering home security and home automation brought many challenges to a company who’s model of business was selling only energy services. Reliant’s team turned to AMD Industries for help

    Home Automation / Inline / Freestanding
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    AMD was tasked to design a display that will push the limits of the status quo in order to create a more impactful In-Store experience. Leverage past success in similar channels to bring brand consistency.

    Freestanding Display / Consumer Electronics